7 Ways to Fixing a TPE Sex Doll

Sex dolls are robust creations. They originate from suppliers that ensure that they can also stand up to their proprietors’ not-so-careful handling. 

Nonetheless, as time goes by, sex dolls obtain problems. While a few of these damages are irreparable, some can be recovered if you have sufficient knowledge of fixing sex dolls. 

The first tool you need to have is a 1.5 kilowatts infrared gun if you are a TPE sex doll owner who wishes to repair your damaged doll. This tool is beneficial as it shows you the real-time temperature feed of what you are fixing. One point worth noting is that the fixings you will do will depend upon the sex doll’s damages level. If the damage is small, the procedure of repairing it will be simple and short. 

One damage that your sex doll may obtain is some impressions because of the weight and the effect it gets. These impressions can be a reason for pressing the surface area of your doll with heavy 0items. Besides, you can also cause the very same damages to your doll if you lay her down improperly without correctly placing her throughout sex. But, you do not require to fret about these damages since there are numerous treatments that you can follow to repair your beloved doll. 

The Hot Towel Treatment 

This basic repair service process requires you to cover the noticeable dents on your doll with a warm, tidy towel for a brief period of time. When the damaged component is already warm, put on a glove and pat the broken location with your hand. Do these steps at the same time until the indentation is no more noticeable. 

The Hair Clothes Dryer Approach 

It shows up that a hairdryer does not only service a female’s hair. While many us assume that this tool functions to dry out a female’s damp hair, it is also an excellent option to repair your TPE sex doll. What you will certainly require for this method is a clean and wet towel. As long as possible, utilize a white towel to avoid tarnishing your sex doll. Cover the indentation marks with the wet towel and heat it with the hairdryer. Happen with this step for some time. Afterwards, you will discover that the impressions will begin to disappear little by little. 

Repairing Sex Doll Abrasions 

Other than indentations, another common damage that your sex doll may get is tears and abrasions. That being said, there are a couple of ways that you can do to fix such type of damage.

Usage TPE Glue 

When you have actually located where the tear is, use a TPE adhesive percentage using a fine-tipped device. Then, pull both sides of the tear with each other and hold it for a couple of mins until it comes to be intact once more.

Yet before using the adhesive, make sure that the broken area is entirely tidy. You can utilize 70% isopropyl alcohol to do this. 

Using a spatula, apply the TPE fixing coating solvent evenly on the inner part of the tear. Avoid having a too much amount of TPE adhesive holding on the spatula as it would create way too much glue to spread on the doll’s skin. 

Use a clean cloth to wipe out the excess glue once you have sealed the tear. Avoid utilizing your fingers in eliminating the glue you ejected from the tear as it would certainly create unwanted prints on your doll. Finally, leave the doll as a safe place without any stress on the surface for 24-hour. 

Repairing Abrasions On the Doll’s Skin Making use of the Warm Gun Procedure 

The first thing that you require to do with this procedure is to clean up the doll’s harmed surface using Vaseline o infant oil. Apart from these substances will certainly cleanse your doll, they will certainly also helo in dispersing the warmth much more equally.

After applying baby oil or Vaseline:

  1. Begin focusing the warmth weapon on the damaged area.
  2. Make a note of the range in between the warmth weapon and the doll’s skin.
  3. Do not aim the gun as well close to your sex doll; otherwise, it would end up with extreme burns on its skin.

The range between the device and your doll has to be at the very least four inches.

The melting temperature level of the doll’s skin is somewhere around 110 degrees Celcius. As soon as the melting starts, you will certainly see a glaze-like mirror coating. When you need to stop heating the skin of your doll depends on the fume that comes out from heating it.

Grab a piece of clean cloth to feather out the irregularities that the abrasion caused on your doll’s skin once you heat the required temperature. Repeat the procedure of home heating and cooling the doll’s skin several times. This is the secret to getting the fine finish as duplicating the heating, and cooling procedures will smooth the damaged part. 

Something worth keeping in mind is that the temperature level of the surface you warmed will certainly drop rather rapid. So, it is necessary to smooth out the abrasion as soon as you stopped working with the heat gun. 

Fixing the Facial Cuts of the Doll 

You can fix facial cuts on your TPE sex doll using the similar processes mentioned above. However, it requires a lot of practice to do it perfectly. You need to repair small facial cuts on your TPE doll the right tools and steady hands. 

But if it is your first time trying to fix a sex doll’s face, it would be more worth it if you would buy a new head for your sex doll instead. Apart from it will completely revamp your sex doll, it is also worth every dollar you spent. 

The most genuine and robust branded doll heads cost around $400. You might think that this price is quite high. However, it is still an excellent bargain because you will have a stronger doll head than before.

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